zackhegerZack Heger is a vibrant young man, randomly stricken with a genetic disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which causes muscle weakness and loss of mobility.

For many years, Zack and his parents struggled to find a comfortable way for Zack to sit up without limiting the use of his hands. Every tray they purchased did not offer the comfort or support that Zack needed, especially while sitting in his bed. None of the trays were large enough, high enough, or made of the right material. Zack needed his hands high enough to operate his bed, TV remote, cell phone, and gaming controller.

They had to get creative with a variety of materials to come up with “Zack’s tray.” Out of all of the materials, high density foam was the best. It worked!

Their specially designed tray allowed Zack to do multiple activities simultaneously. The tray went under his arms to help stabilize his torso while also supporting his arms and shoulders. The high density foam was firm enough to provide the support needed for his daily activities but was also soft enough to provide the comfort he desired. The tray also facilitated the independent use of his TV remote, gaming controller, and cell phone.

In March of 2013, Zack had a great idea: “Dad, let’s find a way to share my tray with others. I know it would help them as much as it has helped me.” And the EZ Lap Tray was born.